TotalSegmentator "skin segmentation"


I could see that TotalSegmentator has the capability of segment the “skin” using the segmentation task “Body” mode. I could see that is creating the “skin.nii.gz” file but 3D Slicer is not loading it as a segment. Only loads “Body_trunc” and “Body_extremities”.

Do you know any solution?

Thanks in advance.

Skin is in the working pipeline.
Stay tuned.

Have you tried ti load that file into Slicer? Does it produce something skinny ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information Rudolf. No, in fact I could not find the file “skin.nii.gz” but I could see that the TotalSegmentator(TS) command window indicates that TS is creating this file. However, I think the file is not being converted to segment node.