Tractography to Fiber Bundle to PLY mesh

Can anyone run me through the process for converting a tractography to a fiber bundle. Trying to explort the vtk file of curves for our tractography model into a PLY mesh. However, it appears I need to convert this into a fiber bundle prior to converting to a mesh.

When I run the Tractography to PLY mesh I get an error that says 'None type object has no attribute ‘SetName’

It looks like this data may have been loaded as a model. Please load it into slicer (when you add data to Slicer or drag and drop it into slicer) as a FiberBundle.

@ljod FYI, you can define composite file extensions to give Slicer hint how to load a certain file type by default. For example, segmentations are saved as .nrrd files, but we use .seg.nrrd extension so that when we drag-and-drop a segmentation file to Slicer, it is offered to be loaded as “Segmentation” by default (instead of as a simple “Volume”). You could use a file extension such as .fb.ply to make the file loaded as FiberBundle by default (instead of “Model”).

That is great thank you. I didn’t know about this feature.