Trajectory calculation for stereotaxic frames

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I have been developing an extension for stereotactic planning that supports Leksell, BRW, and CRW frames. This extension allows pre-op planning (with coordinates in ACPC and frame space), visualization of intraop MER, post-op electrode localization, and VTA modelling.

The documentation site (WIP):

Let me know if you’d be interested in trying it out.


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Yes sir im interested in it.

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I have checked the documentation site it is very promising… and I hope to try the module. thanks a lot

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Thanks for your efforts! I would incredibly interested too!
As a neurosurgeon I routinely prepare preplanning using 3D Slicer first, but then I always have to export the trajectories as RTstructures (basically using a workaround) to import them again in the Leksell Surgiplan software and obtain the final stereotactic coordinates.


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this is a simple video. Stereotaxia_lite.
you can use the “paciente,nrrd” sample.
link :

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Thanks a lot, great work, I would like to use this in my surgeries… Can I get this module?, this is a very useful module, thanks again.

hi. you can get ti from here:

its free, it takes some time to understand and manage but works fine

we use actually in every stereotatic surgery in hospital. with the Micromar device

Thanks a lot!, I will try it!

Thank you for this great idea, unfortunately, I can not found the repository… it is empty… I wish to know more about your idea… it will be great for our country (Colombia) to be able to make our plans with this kind of software… tks

How can install JBeninca/SlicerStereotaxia in 3D Slicer?

to get the modules working you must:

1- download zip from GitHub - JBeninca/SlicerStereotaxia: Slicer stereotatic frame 3D coordinates calculus.-

2 - unzip and move to: /where_you_want_directory

3 - open 3DSlicer

4 - Edit-> Applications settings → Modules → additional module path → Add

5 - select: /where_you_want_directory

6 - restart 3DSlicer

7 - you will find the 2 new modules in “Stereotaxia”

there is a paciente.nrrd file for example.

have luck.-

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it´s not empty:

@JBeninca Could we add this extension to the Extensions Manager so that users don’t need to go through the trouble of downloading, unzipping, editing settings, etc. but can install the extension using a single click?

Yes, of course. I don t have the time to do that. Thanks

Thank you, I’ve tested your modules and they work very nicely. I’ve submitted a pull request that makes the extension compatible with the Extensions Manager. There are just 3 small things to do on your side to allow your extension to appear in the Extensions manager:

Thank you for your contribution!


I have already made the requested changes and the repository is ready.

Please let me know when I can try to install the module.

I’ve submitted the s4ext file to the ExtensionsIndex repository, so the extension may be available in the Extensions Manager from tomorrow.

The Stereotaxia extension is now available in the Extensions manager:

If you make any changes/improvements in the extension it is automatically made available to users the next day.

Hi I have slicer 5.0.2 for osx and I can’t see in the extension manager the stereotype extension.

The name of the extension is Stereotaxia. The extension was submitted quite late yesterday, so probably on macOS it did not arrive in time. It is available already in the Slicer Preview Release (rev 31069) and it should be available in the Slicer Stable Release tomorrow.