Transform: Extract translation only

Hello is there a way to extract the translation data only from a transform matrix. I have a transform between two scans but I only need to see the translation. How do I do this? Thank you.

The translation is just the first three rows of the last column of the 4x4 matrix.

I cannot find the transformation matrix. I used ElastiX to register two different frames.

Usually the matrix just shows up in the transforms module but it is not there?

Unfortunately, from Elastix we can only get a displacement field from Elastix. Either Elastix would need to be improved to save transform in standard ITK file format ( or SlicerElastix module would need to be improved to be able to parse Elastix proprietary transform file format.

No problem and thank you for the clarification! I can still play around with the displacement field for my purposes.

Many thanks.