Transform Matrix calculated by GetMatrixTransformBetweenNodes


I am new for 3D Slicer, and when I want to use GetMatrixTransformBetweenNodes to calculate transform matrix from source to target, I found that the input “source”&“target” are both vtkMRMLTransformNode.

However, I usually use
source = getNode(’’)
target = getNode(’’), which are vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode.

I am wondering how to change vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode to vtkMRMLTransformNode.
Any inference is welcomed!

Thank you!

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GetMatrixTransformBetweenNodes() needs parent transform nodes of your nodes, so you need to use source.GetParentTransformNode() and target.GetParentTransformNode(). See details in this related post: Transformation graph for quick calculation of concatenated transforms

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Hi, sorry for this problem! I will not do that again.
Thank you for your remind!

Thanks for understanding.

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Sure, thank you :grin:
Appreciate 3D Slicer Forum that you provide very efficient help for us. I am working on the information you provide for me. Thanks a lot!
If solved, I will come back to post it.

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