Translate an input data (such as CT) in CLI module

Slicer version: 4.10.1
Hi 3D Slicer experts and all

Some modules, such as Gaussian Blur Image Filter, have parameter set that, when I set the parameters ( for example sigma=1, input volume: CT image), the command is shown in the log file, And it can be run in the command line. I want to do this, in the command line for the Transforms module, too.
Now, I have some questions :
1- Are modules like Gaussian Blur Image Filter, CLI module?

2- Is it possible to transform a CT image inside CLI module, And can I shift it in L-R, A-P, and S-I with a certain value that gets it as an argument?

3- In the Gaussian Blur image filter module, this Gaussian function gets Sigma isotropically. Can I give σx, σy, and σz non-isotropically?

4- In the IO panel, we can specify different Sigma values separately. Is it possible to define various values for Sigma in the command line?
Thanks a lot

You can do all these using CLI modules. However, image blurring and resampling are are all single-line operations in Python packages such as ITK or SimpleITK. Instead of running several executables, it is simpler to write a short Python script that uses ITK/SimpleITK directly.