Trouble with Extension Manager

I just downloaded 4.8.1 on my MacBook to test out the program for our work with DTI and tractography, and when I open the extension manager, it fails to load any of the extensions. It stops around 66% every time. I’ve tried shutting down the program and opening it back up, uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. I even downloaded the nightly build to see if it would work, and while it said it had loaded to 100%, no extensions would show up. Any suggestions?

Do you know if you are behind a firewall? Please try accessing this address in your web browser:

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Yes, I am- that would explain it! I was able to download the extensions I needed from the site you linked. I appreciate your help!

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Which OS? In principle we should be able to respect OS proxy settings in the extension manager, but we may not do it on all platforms right now.

Right now I’m on OS Sierra 10.12.6

Adding a PROXY option. I cant add plugins at work due to proxy!.

Hi @Steve_W, I moved your message over to this thread where there is a similar issue. For now, please see this document:

@lsmith @Steve_W I did a quick test running through a local proxy on my computer (macOS 10.12; Slicer-4.8.1 and Slicer preview/nightly 3/22/18). The proxy was configured with SquidMan and enabled in Network Preferences.

The extension manager seems to work correctly (loads the list and installs an extension), and watching the squid access log after starting Slicer, I was able to verify that all traffic (both HTTP and HTTPS) is running through the proxy. So given that the issue can’t be reproduced in a simple way, we will need some debugging on your side… To start, please look at the error log and terminal, and post any error messages that may be there.

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This is where we configure the proxy settings:

And to learn more about how Qt use the system configuration: