UKF tractography vs MRtrix CSD in my data

I meet problem when I use UKF tractography in my data. I used the default parameters in Slicer 3D, but the traced out fibres are very discontinuous and even in the wrong direction. For example, the corticospinal tract, pictured below, is broken.

I checked my data, it has 3 b-values, 0,1000 and 2000, and each b-value contains 9, 50, 50 directions. A slice of b0 is shown below:

I checked different slices in the same direction, and images in different directions of the same slice, and all were fine.
When I use CSD in MRtrix, it works well, like this:

So I’m wondering why the UKF method can’t achieve proper tracking on this data?
Looking forward to your reply.
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Probably something in the gradient directions or measurement frame is incorrect.

Thank you. I found that SlicerDMRI can’t handle GE scan headers well?My data has 0,1000,2000 b-values, but I found that using DicomToFSL in DWIConvert, I only get 0 and 2000 b-values.

Diffusion scans are notoriously tricky. We suggest dcm2niix since it is actively maintained and DWIConvert is very old at this point.

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Thank you and it works well now.