unable to load dicom -- error log provided

Operating system: Mac OS Ventura 13.6.1
Slicer version: 5.6.1

In advance, thanks for any assistance/suggestions. I am unable to load diccom. Attached is first page of error log. Perhaps someone w/ background in these matters would be able to sift through the information and identify potential issue. First page below, able to send more if needed. Thank you.

Switch to module: “DICOM”

2024-01-09 08:30:39.525 Slicer[20516:8552159] +[CATransaction synchronize] called within transaction

E: DcmSequenceOfItems: Parse error in sequence (7fe0,0010), found (4fff,51ff) instead of sequence delimiter (fffe,e0dd)

Could not load “/Volumes/NS-Projects/CIREN/Belly and Mesentery Stuff/C1-2020-004/20203C1004_V1_O1_CTCP/IM-0002-0700.dcm”

DCMTK says: Sequence Delimitation Item missing

Could not read DICOM file:/Volumes/NS-Projects/CIREN/Belly and Mesentery Stuff//C1-2020-004/20203C1004_V1_O1_CTCP/IM-0002-0700.dcm

Looks like the files are non-conformant or possibly corrupted. You could try the DICOMPatcher module. Also read the DICOM FAQ for suggestions.