Update ITK to f6c37d?

@jcfr @lassoan @pieper (and anyone else you think might want to comment)

SlicerOpenCV is broken with the update to ITKv5, and requires the fix

Could this be either cherry picked or the branch advanced to this commit?


We are currently building Slicer of the official repo:

and currently using this tag v5.1rc01

A new tag just got published, is the fix included ? See https://github.com/InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITK/releases/tag/v5.1rc02

New tag does not have a complete fix. PR submitted to ITK

@jcfr Could we update to a specific commit of ITK, or could I add a patch file for the current tag?

@adamrankin Slicer updated the ITK version to v5.1rc03 in https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/commit/0a8f06c62ba1b7b73e54851300370d911801d85a which should help with the SlicerOpenCV issues.

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