Update of server hosting slicer SVN repository

Hi Slicers,

svn.slicer.org is running Debian 6, which has gone end of life which means it has no access to security updates.

Kitware Sysadmin team will migrate the server on Tuesday August 29th at 3pm, it should take around 30mins.

During that time, few things will not work:

  • git svn dcommit
  • building Slicer from source (indeed, few project (e.g EMSegment) are still checkout from svn)

Note also that the associated mysql database running supporting viewvc (and phpmyadmin) will be migrated too.

Here it the list of impacted servers:

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Thanks for doing this.

The Kitware team is currently working on upgrading the server.

Cc: @pieper @fedorov @cpinter @lassoan

The migration has been successfully completed.

You can now access http://viewvc.slicer.org/, commit using git svn dcommit and also build Slicer.

You will notice a slight difference in the viewvc UI, this is normal.

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As a side note, we noticed that http://svn.slicer.org/ reports “It works” instead of listing the branches as it is done for SlicerRT svn.

This should be addressed shortly.

Also we are working to make sure http://viewvc.na-mic.org redirects to the expected server. Thanks for your patience.

Et voila.

We are all set. HTML is now displayed on both http://svn.slicer.org and http://svn.na-mic.org



Note: Typo NA-MIC SVN Branches -> NA-MIC SVN Repositories should be fixed shortly

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