Upload works from slicer's python console (server)

Operating system: window 11
Slicer version: 5.2.1

I am using a private sftp server to store data.
The data I handle is sensitive to security, so I can’t experiment easily, so I’m asking a question because I want to get a proper answer while searching for data.

Q1. Is it possible to run a command through the 3d slicer’s Python console to transfer the working file to my personal SFTP server?

Q2. What are the limitations or problems when trying to communicate with private sftp through 3d slicer’s python console?

edit :

Am I thinking too hard right now?

Is it possible to create an ftp module using private server and run it in 3d slicer?

It should be no problem to write to a private temporary directory and the invoke sftp commands from Slicer’s python using ssh keys in a secured directory, just like you would from the command line.

If your files are big you might prefer to implement a streaming solution, but this would be more complex.