US vessel segmentation

Hello, Here I used the US device to scan the femoral vein, and get some MP4 videos.
The images like this:

Now, I want to do the vessel segmetation, especially the traditional method.
As suggest, get the magnitude of the intensity gradient in SimVascular, but that is CT based data, here is US.

please share some suggestions using simple filter and python based package.

Nowadays the most common approach for this kind of segmentation tasks is to train a unet network for this. You can create training data sets using SlicerAIGT extension’s “Single Slice Segmentation” module (it is specifically developed for ultrasound image sequence segmentation). I think there are a number of examples for ultrasound segmentation networks in the extension’s repository.

Do you track your ultrasound probe (e.g., using an optical or electromagnetic tracker)? If not yet, then you can use Plus toolkit for that. It integrates nicely with 3D Slicer.

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Dear Andras, I’m new to 3d slice, where can I find a tutorial to create the training dataset for segmentation unet?
Thank you in advance