Using segmentations from ChangeTracker

I was successful in running the ChangeTracker module on longitudinal astrocytomas that had a homogeneous contrast signal. It worked great but I did not save the final results (assuming I could recall them when reloading my Scene).

However I can’t recall the results from the Scene. I see the baseline and follow-up ROI, and the BaselineROI_segmentation, but the segmentation editor does not seem to recognize the BaselineROI_segmentation as an input segmentation. Also the color coding (progression / regression) is not visible anymore.
-Am I correct that the ChangeTracker module does not store the results in the scene?
-Does the segment editor not recognize segmentations performed by ChangeTracker?

Thanks! John

For this one:

I suspect the ChangeTracker writes a “labelmap”, which must be imported to Segmentations. See instructions and links in this comment and the follow-up: