Using Slicer via web service API

i am new to this software and my research is under going and i and the end i found what i need here .
a stack of 2d images out of a 3d stl image .
i am implementing an web app in order to work with 3d stl file , in order to provide a machine learning model with a series of 2d images .

this is what i need to know :
is there any way to use the 3Dslicer as an API service ?
in order to use it should i install the decstop software ?



I am researching to find a way to have a collection of 2d images from a single 3d .stl object in order to use that collection of 2d images for training a machine learning model.

  • first : can i use the 3Dslicer as an API service , which means my app sends the stl image to the service and in return get the result as a collection of 2d images ? ( slices of the 3d object )
  • even 2d images from different angles would be solution . ( 20 images from different angles )


Since you can use any Python packages in Slicer, it is relatively easy to expose any features via web services. See an example here: