Using surface cut with curves

Is it possible to use Surface Cut tool with fiducials that are already placed, particularly with curve ones?

Surface cut effect creates an enclosing surface of a point cloud, so it would not be directly applicable to a curve. How would you like to cut with a curve?

I was using the curves to outline the boundaries of individual cranial bones, and I thought perhaps I can use them to do the segmentations…


In the next 6 months, we’ll implement parcellation of gray matter from curves drawn on segmented surfaces (and additional planes). It will be usable for splitting up a bone segment like the one you show above.

Until then, you can do this using Scissors module - see Craniotomy segmentation recipe.

You can also play with markups and see what surfaces you can get out of them using “Markups to model” extension.


Sounds awesome. I will test the options, thanks again.