Using VTK Remote module in Python scripted Slicer module

There is a Remote VTK module (SplineDrivenImageSlicer) that I am hoping to use from a scripted module, and I’m wondering what the most straightforward way to accomplish this is. I would eventually like to make this extension available from the Extension Manager, and able to be used from a Slicer pre-built binary. Building VTKv9 with the CMake option Module_SplineDrivenImageSlicer set to ON adds it to the vtk Python-wrapped library, and avoids any intermediary modules.

I guess my question is, do I need to create a loadable module as an intermediate step, or is there a way I can package a VTK Remote module into a scripted module in a simpler way?

I think SlicerVirtualReality extension uses a VTK remote module.

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Excellent, thank you. That’s a good example for how to fetch an external project and include it in a loadable module.

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