Vagina segmentation and reconstruction from MRI image

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I am currently in the process of segmenting the vagina from MRI images. I came across a research paper where they used OsiriX to delineate the vaginal contour (vagina_sed_1). I’m curious if Slicer, offers similar marking tools. If so, I’m interested in learning how to aggregate all those marked regions into a surface, similar to what was achieved in the paper (vagina_sed_2). Any guidance or assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Slicer has much more extensive and sophisticated set of image segmentation tools compared to OsiriX. This page is a good starting point to learn more.

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Thank you for your response. To clarify further: I’m looking for a tool that can consolidate multiple “closed-curves” (marked with the Markups tool) into a single model, similar to the image I included in my initial message. A similar question regarding regions marked manually with the paint tool. Let’s say I have multiple painted circles that collectively form a tube-like structure (with gaps between the slices). How can I combine all of these segmented circles into a single model within Slicer?

Instead of marking as in the picture, you may use the ‘Paint’ effect in the ‘Segment editor’ in a similar way, then use ‘Fill between slices’. You should get a well constructed segment, that can be further smoothed.

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Could you save the lines as mesh which could be imported into 3dsMax.Then UV surface could be made according the lines.

Thank you for your response. Could you provide more information about how you incorporated the lines into a 3D surface? What software did you use for this task? Additionally, could you suggest any open-source software that you would recommend for performing this operation?