Vessel centerline extraction and metrics


I have CFD results for vascular flow which I am processing and want to correlate geometric factors with haemodynamic metrics.

Is it possible to:
a) automate the computation of a centerline through a vessel for a large number of cases at once?
b) Non-dimenionalise the centerline and then calculate the cross-sectional area along the centerline at regular intervals?

Many thanks in advance for all of your help!


Yes, you can compute centerline and get cross-sectional area using modules in VMTK extension.

All features of all modules are available in Python, so you can automate any processing using Puthon scripting.

@lassoan Thank you for your response!

Could you possibly guide me in the direction of the code which would allow for calculating the cross-sectional area along the centerline? I have been using vmtk on PypePad but I want to transition to using it via scripting, especially since I need to work on it for a large dataset. Also, the vmtkcenterlinesections command continues to result in errors on PypePad, so ineed to try something else.

Thanks in advance!