Virtual extraction (dental)

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how is the best way to get a virtual extraction best regards


You can do something like what is shown in the following movie using Slicer Segment Editor Modules

A good starting point is to review the segmentation tutorials

Let us know if you have specific questions after you review the tutorials and try out the Segment Editor Module to do the extraction


thanks but the question was about extraction with 3D SLICER and not with Meshmixer

best regards

As @Andinet_Enquobahrie suggested above, you can use Segment Editor module in Slicer to do this. For example, segment a tooth using “Grow from seeds” effect then remove it (replace it with voxel value corresponding to air) using “Mask volume” effect.

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3d slicer is great app. Thanks to all the team Thanks a lot i think it is the best flow to get it