Virtual reconstruction of a brain

I would like to create a brain from a skull. The problem is that the object is an STL and I cant create a volume from it.
Someone know how can I create a virtual brain from it?


Thanks in advice for the answer

You can extract a closed brain volume despite the missing cranium pieces, by following these steps:

  • Install WrapSolidify extension from Extensions Manager.
  • Load the STL file as segmentation (drag-and-drop the STL file to the Slicer application window and select “Segmentation” in “Description” column)
  • Go to Segment Editor module and generate a master volume (click specify geometry - button next to master volume selector, select the segmentation node as “Source geometry”, specify spacing -probably something between 0.2-1.0mm will work, and click OK).
  • Switch to “Wrap Solidify” effect, choose Region → Largest cavity, Output → New segment, and click Apply. => this will extract the largest cavity enclosed in the convex hull of the model, fully automatically