Visualization annoyance in several parts

I know this is no bug, properly said, but is annoying enough to be considered as is.

The following elements does not allow scrolling: Subject hierarchy item information, Node information, All nodes . This makes almost impossible to read the sections, the solution is simple: add a scroll bar. See:

Subject hierarchy item information

Node information

All nodes

Scrollable area within scrollable area is usually quite hard to navigate, if you can send a pull request with a suggestion of what should be changed then we can have a look.

However, I would recommend to use “Node info” module in “Debugging tools” extension for inspecting node properties. It allows browsing the MRML tree by node references, creating variables on the Python console and dockable “Node information” widgets:


The module could be extended to also show associated subject hierarchy item information.

Yes please!!
And also have a look at All nodes, It is very unreadable

I meant that you can easily extend it. It is a tiny Python scripted module that you can customize it to do what you need. If you think your changes could be useful for others, too, then please send a pull request.

I can’t see where this script is located, may you enlighten me please?

The module is available here: