Visualization of the background and foreground image together

(Alireza Sedghi) #1

Is there a way to view background and foreground images both at full opacity in one view?


(Csaba Pinter) #2

If foreground is at full opacity then it will obscure everything underneath. The only way to see them on equal opacity is at 50-50.

Is your problem that it becomes darker that way? You can change the blending mode:

(Alireza Sedghi) #3

Thank you Csaba,
Here are my two images, I don’t think i have the obscuring problem as you stated. The images are from IXI public dataset

My red image is kind of edges of the green image, and when I put the opacity at 50-50 the green image becomes dark.

I tried making a model from my red image and view the cross section of it on the green image but not quite exactly what I’m looking for.

I played with blending mode, and I think “ADD” option address my question to some extent

thank you

(Csaba Pinter) #4

It’s not a problem, it is the way things are. Whatever you have in the background if you show the foreground at full opacity, the only thing you’ll see will be the foreground.

You can also play with the threshold function on the Volumes module. If you set the threshold so that the low values (the blackish regions) are not visible than that 50% black won’t darken the background.


(Andras Lasso) #5

Grayscale images are alpha-blended, you see the average of two volumes, which means a darker image will darken the rendered output (unless you choose “Add” compositing option). Labelmap images are rendered as an opaque or semi-transparent overlay and so “background” region will not affect the rendered output.

Make sure you to click “labelmap” in the “Add data” window when you load labelmap/binary image (or if you already loaded as scalar volume, convert it to labelmap in Volumes module / Volume information section).