VMTK automatic centerline and export control points as XYZ coordinates

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 5.6.1
Expected behavior: Use the ExtractCenterline.py code to automatically generate centerlines for existing models and export XYZ control points of centerlines
Actual behavior: Trying to run the .py code in slicer python console results in nothing happening

Hi all - I have a few thousand models (meshes created in a different software) for which I need to generate centerlines and then obtain the XYZ coordinates of the control points of each centerline. I can execute this manually but was hoping to streamline to process due to the large volume of models.

I have attempted to automate the process by running the VMTK extract centerline code with no success. I have gone through many topics here to solve my problem but nothing has worked. I’m a fairly novice coder (mostly Python) and the existing code is well beyond my understanding. I had a ton of errors initially but seemed to resolve them by downloading/fixing some .py files that were not included in the imported packages. Now, when I try to run code in the console literally nothing happens - the code just turns grey. I also attempted this code but have yet to successfully debug it on my end.

How do I get the extract centerline code to actually run in the console? And is this process even any faster than the manual process? It seems like I will have to manually export the control point coordinates regardless of automation. I apologize if this is a very basic question - I’m not sure what I’m missing here.