Vmtk networkextraction algorithm

Hi All, Could someone please let me know the name of the network extraction algorithm available in VMTK?

As far as I know, it is a new algorithm invented in VMTK. You can refer to it as “network extraction algorithm in VMTK” and cite the VMTK paper.

Thank you! I did the same :slight_smile:

I’ve got the ‘Radius’ array from network extraction algorithm here, can i think of this array as the true radius of the blood vessel?

The radius computed by the filter is actually the “Maximum Sirunscrive Sphere Radius”, which is equal to the “real” cross-sectional radius in the case of a straight cylindrical pipe shape.
The MSSRadius deviates from the real cross-sectional Radius when the shape of your artery deviates from the pipe. Usually overestimates at junctions and underestimates elsewhere.
Depending on your application, the MSSRadius can be a good estimation of the real Radius.
If you want more precision you could try vmtkcenterlinesections, which outputs the cross-sectional area at each centerline point (among other, potentially, useful data).

Thanks Carlos. As you know, i want the cross-sectional radius actually. it’s so great that radius can compute using networkextraction. It help me a lot.
I have one more question, the radius’s array, N*1, what does N represent? network points number? if yes, what is the distance between the points?
If vmtkcenterlinesections can get more accurate radius, i’ll try it later.

You can use vmtkcenterlineresampling filter to resample the centerline spacing.

I am trying to use vmtkcenterlines(here) to get vessel center lines and MSSRadius. Before that, i already get endpoints from network algorithm.
This is a detail of vmtkcenterlines input:

  • tubePolyData = surfaceCapper.GetOutput().

  • sourceIdLIst: the first point of the endpoints array (i not sure does this make sense).

  • targetIdList: all point of endpoints expect the first one.

i meet some problem:

Please help or try to give some ideas to fix this.