VMTK vessel centerline network extraction in Slicer

Network extraction gets all branches. To search a path between two points in a network, you can use the method described here:

Thanks a lot for the response. I would like to know if there is a way to remove a branch in the network model by selecting an endpoint and deleting it .

If you choose the curve hierarchy representation of the network then you have full control over each point of each branch: you can edit each individual point or remove each branch.

What would you like to achieve?

Endpoint(glyph) in one of the branches is removed using Delete point. Deleting this endpoin has updated the centerline model automatically after hitting apply but the network model has not been updated. I will like to achieve an updated network model(and results displayed in quantification table) as well.

Thank you.
I could use the hierarchy representation to remove individual branches in the network model. But this doesn’t help in obtaining the corresponding update (i.e deletion of the values in the table) in the quantification results.

You could write a small script that removes rows from the table that don’t have corresponding markup curve. You can get list of children nodes from the subject hierarchy node and the node has the cell index in a custom attribute. You could collect all the indices and create a new properties table, where you would only include those rows that have its index in the list.

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