volume has Gz archive files

Operating system: ubuntu
Slicer version:5.1.0
Expected behavior: read files
Actual behavior: no DICOM data
i have 514 fo;es, of type Gzip archive and one test file thus

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> -921167223 20.546511810615367 1.9429095730933224E-05 29.573675835020598 13.884745762711864 -3.3146820809248556 3 1.5 0 512 2945 0.16 0.08 {19962BC9-2744-4642-ACEA-4F1CA3EDB043} 0000292ed04ea9f3 202204261135

i have spent hours looking for a solution …

many thanks

You need to start with unzipping the archive files. If they contain DICOM files then you can load them as described here.