Volume representation without noise and garbage

Good day,
I have dicom images and when I render them I see a 3D model without any noise, but the thing is, it is only because of the visualization presets, when I change some values on the “scalar opacity maping” widget, some noise appears. My goal is to have images from that a 3D model without any noise can be created, no visualization presets should be applied.

Could you please tell me, is it possible to export the model that I see in the “Volume rendering” tab to another dicom /3D image so that this 3D image will produce a clean model without any visualization presets?

You can’t export volume rendering as a 3D mesh, this visualization method does not create a model. Please refer to other topics for more details.

You are most likely looking for surface rendering: you would need to perform segmentation (Segment Editor/Segmentation modules) on your loaded DICOM images. Then you can clean it up with available tools (brushes, scissors, smoothing etc.) to your liking and export as a 3D mesh.

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Unfortunately this solution is not for my case because my model can’t be re-segmented, it takes a long time. So I need to somehow find a way to export the clean model or to do something else. Thanks for the reply anyway.