Volume rendering preset to dicom or NIFTI

I have a CT scan and I am using the volume rendering preset CT-Bones. I want to save that into a dicom or a nifti or some other format. It could also be helpful if could segment based on the rendering preset or create a model from it. Let me know if any of this is possible. Thanks!

Volume rendering is just a visualization technique, so you can just save the image as nifti and you can volume render that image the same way anywhere else.

CT-Bones preset has a ramp up from 0 opacity to 0.19 opacity in about 120HU, so you won’t be able to reproduce the exact same visual appearance with a solid surface, but you can go to Segment Editor module and try the Threshold effect to see what you get. For spine segmentation we worked out a very good protocol at the last project week. See more information here.