Voxel grid overlay

Is it possible to toggle overlay of the voxel grid in slice views?

I think this is a feature that was available long time ago in Slicer 3. I think it can be quite helpful in some corner use cases (one of which I’ve just encountered!).

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Yes, there was a voxel grid in Slicer3, but was never ported forward. Mostly I find that turning off interpolation of the volume is good enough. What’s the corner case?

Counting voxels for debugging pixel data encoding.

I think the DataProbe should help. Or if you access the volume as an array and put unique values in each voxel it could help.

Oh, it definitely helps, and I can use the IJK reported in DataProbe for counting, I can also write a script outside of Slicer to help me. It’s by no means a stopper for me, but it is a nice feature that can be useful in some cases, and apparently was deemed helpful in Slicer 3.

Anyway, sounds like at the moment the answer to my original question is “no”.