VTK error when loading mrb file [OS X, 4-18-2017 nightly build]


I have a MRB I’m trying to load, and it gives me the following error:

Error parsing XML in stream at line 62, column 658, byte index 17722: not well-formed (invalid token)

Is this from the mrml file? If so I’ve appended the line below. Any ideas on the problem?

Thanks in advance!


id=“vtkMRMLAnnotationROINode1” name=“AnnotationROI” hideFromEditors=“false” selectable=“true” selected=“false” displayNodeRef=“vtkMRMLAnnotationLineDisplayNode1 vtkMRMLAnnotationPointDisplayNode1 vtkMRMLAnnotationTextDisplayNode1” storageNodeRef=“vtkMRMLAnnotationLinesStorageNode1” references=“display:vtkMRMLAnnotationLineDisplayNode1 vtkMRMLAnnotationPointDisplayNode1 vtkMRMLAnnotationTextDisplayNode1;storage:vtkMRMLAnnotationLinesStorageNode1;” userTags="" referenceNodeID=“None” locked=“0” textList="" textSelected="" textVisible="" ctrlPtsCoord="-300.5 -322 497.5|301 322.5 498" ctrlPtsSelected=“1 1” ctrlPtsVisible=“1 1” ctrlPtsNumberingScheme=“0"linePtsID=“0 1” lineSelected=“1” lineVisible=“1” labelText=”" insideOut=“true” interactiveMode=“true” >

Looks like this was recently fixed by @lassoan:


To load the existing scene you could add a space manually like in the commit message.


Got it, thank you very much!