VTK merge to create 3D image

Operating system:
Slicer version: 4.3.1
Expected behavior:
Actual behaviour:

I am trying to merge VTK files to stitch together a 3D image.

Does this post answer your question? How to stitch together two sets of CT slices to make one file

Important: use latest stable version of Slicer (or even latest nightly version). You miss out on years of fixes and improvements if you still use Slicer-4.3.1.

No it does not. I am using VTK 3D image files. They all contain about 250 slices. I need to stitch multiple together.


The error isL

slicer:000007FEE58BD840: exception caught!

itk:: MemoryAllocationError (00000000046699E8)
location: “unknown”

If you use legacy “.vtk” files then in “Add data” dialog you need select “Volume” in the description column (since .vtk files can contain meshes, volumes, etc.).

The link that I’ve posted above explains exactly this. Follow the steps described and if you get stuck at any point then let us know.