VTK Multi-Volume (experimental) volume rendering documentation and explanation

I like how the rendering option “VTK Multi-Volume (experimental)”. I am having a hard time finding documentation on this option. Can someone point me to the relevant documentation and or explain how one might reproduce this effect using VTK?

This volume renderer allows volume rendering of any number of overlapping volumes. Since shading is not implemented for this option yet in VTK, it is not usable yet in practice (except the very rare case you don’t need shading).

A few potential funding sources have been already identified and so probably this missing feature will be implemented in less than a year. If you can contribute with funds or volunteer work then you can help make this happen faster.

Thanks for the reply. For my specific use case I actually like having shading turned off. Can you point me to the source code or maybe explain how I could turn shading off for volume rendering in VTK?

The related VTK code is in the displayable manager class:

If you’re only interested in the VTK aspect then I suggest writing on the VTK discourse forum.

Great. Thanks. I will take a look.

Shading is always turned off for multi-volume rendering (no matter if you enable it on the GUI or not).

Can you tell a bit more about your use case and your needs?

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