I’m looking at this link because my Python scripted module will have 2 or 3 vtkMRMLAnnotationROINode objects open at the same time and I would like them to be distinguishable from each other by line color and/or text label that is visible in the slicer window.

What is the correct form of the input for SetLineColor? I tried
r.SetLineColor([255,0,0]) and my module just crashed.

Which function of vtkMRMLAnnotationROINode object would allow me to add a label for the ROI that can be seen in the slicer window, and what should its input look like?
SetLabelText didn’t appear to do anything.


Review this other forum post - Is possible to change the color of the ROI bounding box from white to something else.

Setting ROI color isn’t a supported thing and fixes to annotation ROI won’t be fixed, but instead ROI objects will be moved into the new Markups module framework.