Warning when closing scene

Hi everyone!

I am working with slicer and I have developed some scripts that automate certain aspects of the segmentation workflow. These include the functionality that run MONAILabel’s automatic segmentation on consecutive samples. The only thing I am struggling with however is the fact that every time a new sample is loaded, there is a pop-up screen asking the user to confirm that the scene can be closed, such as the one below.

Screenshot from 2023-08-18 14-07-41

Of course this pop-up takes away from the automatic streamlined workflow of my scripts because user interaction is necessary to move on here.

My question is: is there a way to disable this pop-up (either from the GUI or in Python).

I have already looked into the application settings of Slicer and have found an option called Confirm on scene close under General that seems to allow this pop-up to be turned off (see below).

However, even after deselecting the corresponding box and restarting the application, the pop-up window still pops up every time I retrieve the next sample.

Any ideas for alternatives?

Thanks in advance!

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this dialog is actually in the MONAILabel code, so you should be able to make a PR with an option to disable it.

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