[Web Request] Quicker/easier access to dev site

(Adam Rankin) #1

@jcfr @pieper @lassoan @cpinter

Would it be possible to add
dev.slicer.org as a redirect to https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/Nightly/Developers?

This would be easier to tab into an address bar and start typing dev (all left-hand!) which would probably bring it up as a predictive completion in most browsers.


Edit: other for thoughts

(Andras Lasso) #2

Good idea. It seems that by far the most common is the “developer” prefix, so I think we should use that instead of “dev”.

(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #3

Great idea :+1:

I just sent a request to @freephile to that the redirect is created, we will update this thread when the redirect is setup.

When done ,we will have

https://developer.slicer.org (and http://developer.slicer.org)

redirecting to