Weird results with dental segmentator

weird results with dental segmentator

, i had it outside ct and looks awkward

Hi @mohammed_alshakhas,

Thanks for reaching out.

The segmentation you are displaying may not correspond to the CT currently displayed in the 2D views.

For instance, when loading the CBCT dental surgery sample data, two CTs are loaded at the same time : Post and Pre dental surgeries.

You can change what is displayed from the data module using the eye icon next to the data or the 2D view from the drop down menu :


i actually only loaded one volume . i did many autosegmentations .
i tried to run it twice for the same voume . now i just had the same issues with different patient with different volume . im betting its a volume realated but not sure .

same issue with new volume

Probably the segmentation is not being put in the same transform.

there is no transform , and if you noticed it looks compressed and distorted. i did very low quality scans before and was perfect . so im wondering whats the cause for this