What is fcsv file?

I’m using the ALPACA module in SlicerMorph extensions to align the 3D model to CTCB anatomy. In the video there is a .fcsv file for the ‘Source Lanmarks’, but I don’t know how to export the STL file to the .fcsv file.
Online converter can only convert STL to CSV file, but the CSV file is different from the .fcsv
I really need help to convert the STL 3D model to .fcsv
Thank you for your support!

fcsv stands for fiducial comma separate file. it contains the 3D coordinates of the landmarks that you will like to transfrom source to the target. STL contains the 3D geometric model of the specimen.


Thank you for your support!

A very quick and useful answer was given by the @muratmaga. What a lovely community!

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