What should I do to activate the list?


  1. I want to move one model to the location of the other model using model registration in SlicerIGT module.
    But there’s no list in ‘Input fixed(dense) model’ and ‘input moving(sparse) model’.
    What should I do to make the models selectable?
    It says ‘This model may require to contain a dense/sparse set of points’, but I don’t get what this mean.

  2. More basic question…
    In segment editor module, I want to import other models so turning into segmentations modules, I tried to import models in ‘Export/import models and labelmaps’ but also there’s no list in Input node.
    What should I do?
    Of course I’ve already loaded other models and the lists are shown in data module.


Self-answer and new questions.

  1. I was working with segmentation nodes…after I changed them to models and it worked.
  2. Works after making a new folder. I had to use copy/move segments tab in my situation…

new questions:

  1. As you can see the pictures under…when I do margin effect in segment editor, it only works within the bound. I want to apply without any limitation. WHat should I do?

  2. In contrast, if I want to apply certain effects in segment editor at specific ROI, what should I do? I tried to make a ROI in Markups module and put it to the segment for editing but it didn’t work.