When running Slicer with Chinese parameters in CMD, how can I correctly pass and retrieve the Chinese parameters?

Hi, everyone. I would like to pass some Chinese parameters when launching Slicer, such as ‘Slicer.exe -f “你好!”’ so that I can read these parameters within Slicer. Currently, I have managed to read the parameters using app.argument , but Chinese characters are displayed as garbled text. Can anyone provide some suggestions? Thank you very much!

I saw on a forum that it is possible to modify the CTK code to achieve this, as mentioned in this link: Fix passing of non-ASCII characters as command-line arguments by lassoan · Pull Request #127 · commontk/AppLauncher · GitHub. I followed the instructions in that link to modify the relevant code and compiled it, but it didn’t work. The Chinese parameters still appear as garbled text. I also added some code inside the relevant function in ctkAppArguments.cpp to save the parameters to a local text file, but that code didn’t execute either, and no data was written to the text file. Am I using the correct method to compile CTKAppLauncher?