Where did 4D image module go?


In the link above, I found that 3DSlicer has a module to load 4D images(xyz+time).
However, I cannot find it in the latest Slicer(4.11.00, 20190219 daily build). Where did it go?

(I tried MulitvolumeImport but didn’t work for my DICOM data)

You can try the Sequences extension. We are working to make that the core infrastructure for multidimensional data. Let us know if it doesn’t work for your data.


Thank you for your reply.
The sequences extension worked completely fine (and removed other problems I was facing)

Is there any reason why the Sequences extension does not appear in the nightly builds? (I could only find them in the stable versions)

We have had some instability in the preview builds over the past week. The preview is constantly undergoing changes, and so is susceptible to daily build / etc errors.

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