Windows 10-3 nightly build with Windows Security issues

99% of the time, I use Slicer on a Mac, so 1000 apologies if this is something obvious.

I downloaded the latest nightly on my Windows machine (Windows 10) and I get a ton of “This content is blocked” errors when I try to run it or even go to the directory with Slicer.exe in it.

Anybody else run into this? I have recently run windows update and everything should be up to date. Note that I do not have Admin on this machine and cannot tell these warnings to just go away.



Thanks for the report :pray:

This is likely explained by the fact we do not sign the preview build.

Do you get similar message with other builds ?

To obtain older build, you can use URL like the following:

The only other build I have on this machine is months old (May or June nightly build) and it runs fine. I’ll try to download a more recent one and see what happens.

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During the expected (admittedly somewhat annoying process) of installing a Slicer Preview Release on Windows (downloaded using Edge browser) requires you to confirm 3 times (each time with two clicks) that you indeed want to install Slicer:

  • Click the download link and wait for the download to complete
  • Click on “…” button of the downloaded item, click "Keep"
  • Click “Show more”, click “Keep anyway” and wait for the automatic scan to complete (may take 10-20 seconds)
  • Click on the installer, click “More info”, click "Run anyway"
  • Click through the installer (Next/Agree/Install)

This does not happen with the signed installer, but we only sign the Slicer Stable Release.