Windows preview build failing yesterday and today

I am eager to test the improvements @lassoan added in a pull request (see Convert between MultiVolume and Volume Sequence? - #5 by lassoan for discussion) a few days ago, but the Windows preview build has failed each day since then. Looking at the Cdash error (CDash) it doesn’t seem likely to be related to the PR changes, but I don’t know enough to really know.

Looking into the problem

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So, I addressed the original error (git lfs missing), but seem to have found some new ones. Still working on it.

D:\D\P\S-0-build\DCMTK\ofstd\include\dcmtk/ofstd/ofsockad.h(67,18): error C3861: 'memzero': identifier not found (compiling source file D:\D\P\S-0-build\DCMTK\ofstd\libsrc\ [D:\D\P\S-0-build\DCMTK-build\ofstd\libsrc\ofstd.vcxproj] [D:\D\P\S-0-build\DCMTK.vcxproj]

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