Wrap Solidify error "mesh empty"

Hi, I am back again already, sorry!

I am trying to use wrap solidify to strip the skull of a CT and I am getting this error:
“Wrap Solidify failed. Mesh has become empty during shrink-wrap iterations.”

I saw a post on the forums about this error from three years ago, but the answer then was to make sure they were using the stable version. As far as I know, I am already doing that. (version 5.2.2)

Anything else that might resolve this error? Again, I am incredibly grateful for any answers, Steve Pieper has already saved my butt once.

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Oh! I forgot to say, I was following the 3d Slicer segmentation recipes. Using the extensions SurfaceWrapSolidify and SegmentEditorExtraEffects.

Oh my god, ignore me. I figured it out. It was my bad, entirely. I’m an idiot. :slight_smile: