Wrap Solidify: How can I choose "split cavities"?

Hi everyone,

I’m a biomedical engineer and I’m following a project on craniostenosis.
I’d like to share with you a doubt. I hope someone can help me.

In order to evaluate the intracranial volume, I’m using Wrap Solidify, in particular “Largest cavity” function, but I can’t understand the meaning of “Split Cavities”. How can I choose its parameter?

Thank you.


Enable split cavities if you want to remove smaller cavities that are connected to the largest cavity with a narrow neck. For example:

Largest cavity is the connected A-B-C cavity. Region B is connected to A with a narrowing of about 10mm. Region C is connected to A with a narrowing of about 7mm.

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Thank you very much, now it’s clear!

If it’s possibile, I’d like to know how the algorithm of extraction works.
What does It do at each iterations?

Thank you again!

See some information here: https://github.com/sebastianandress/Slicer-SurfaceWrapSolidify

I’ve also added some more clarifications - not merged yet but available here: https://github.com/lassoan/Slicer-SurfaceWrapSolidify#how-it-works

Thank you!

I can’t understand this part:

is it inverted in what?
why is it shrunk by the value specified in split cavities?

The segmentation is inverted: filled parts become unfilled, unfilled parts become filled.

To make small connecting bridges between cavities disappear.

If you want to understand the algorithm then you can enable “Save intermediate results” and inspect all the outputs generated during the processing.

Thank you for your help!

Do you estimate the accuracy of the method in extracting largest cavity?

I’m sorry, but I can’t understand passages from this

to this

What did the algorithm do?

It grew the segment by the specified margin.