X ray Image enhancement extension in slicer?


Is there an image enhancement extension for slicer that can take a poor quality x ray and enhance the structures (esp. bone) automatically and then maybe some contrast brightness sliders to manually fine tune it?

Can this be done in slicer?

Please advise.

Simple Filters module contains lots of image processing tools that you can use to improve X-ray image visualization, such as various noise filters and smoothing methods, intensity rescaling or equalization. I don’t think any of these can fix a poor quality X-ray, but it may be able to improve it.

If you identify a few filters that are useful then you put them into a dedicated scripted module, with a simplified user interface.

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I have tried using simple filters module on a static x ray image but am unable to get any proper output.

Please advise how to achieve this.

What are the problems in the image that you are trying to fix? Which filters did you try? Can you attach a few example images of what you have now and what you would like to get after processing?

I just imported a JPG/PNG file of a poor quality X ray of pelvis - just to test waters.

I dragged it in one of the window panes.

And tried to apply some random filters.

Mostly I get an error

Please advise

Probably you want to first convert your color image to grayscale using “Vector to scalar volume” module.