Zoom in and out button from the standard toolbar

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Hello. I am trying to create zoom buttons. Basically, these buttons will zoom in and out the loaded Dicom data in a particular view (red slice, yellow slice, green slice).

It will be a simple zoom in and out. Like; if the red slice view is selected then by clicking on the zoom in (+) button it will be zoom in to 110 %. To zoom out click on the zoom out button (-) to go back to normal. If another view (let’s say yellow slice) is selected then the zoom value (default 100%) will be replaced according to that view.

please guide to develop this feature.

Try to follow this process. Let us know if you get stuck.

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This code should also help.

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how to do the same for brightness and contrast?
trying to design and have buttons for it rather than mouse controls

Also how can I decrease the options in the layout toolbar?

Please advise many thanks

In this case the buttons will need to set these values after disabling auto window/level.