2 OHIF Projects PW38

Dear all,

We wanted to submit two projects on OHIF for the project week. We was unable to join the preparation meeting because of professional agenda constraints.

Our two projects for which we want to work and open source solutions are

  • Making a crosshair sync tools for OHIF to synchronize display of follow up CT and PET/CT scans, making the physicians easier to compare current and reference scans for treatment evaluations.

  • Making a draft of a DAT-SCAN viewer ( Ioflupane (123I) - Wikipedia ) which is a conventional scintigraphy in nuclear medicine. This will take benefit of the ongoing support of multiframe images in volume viewport in cornerstone 3D.
    The workflow is to display the DAT Scan volume, reorient it and programatically draw region of interest of fixed size that the physician will drag to do basic quantifications in the image.
    The final software will probably not reach at Namic but this project is meant to identify missing feature in CS3D that will be needed to integrate to have a framework for nuclear medicine applications

For these project, our team (Célian Abadie, Salim Kanoun, Sofien Sellami) will work with Alireza Seghi and of course is open for anyone who want to join.

Best regards,



This sounds great @Salim_Kanoun :+1: let us know if you run into any issues when setting up your project pages.

Thanks ! here is my PR 2 OHIF projects by salimkanoun · Pull Request #500 · NA-MIC/ProjectWeek · GitHub