Slicer project week #33 - summary

33rd Slicer Project week concluded a few days ago. We had 66 participants coming from 16 countries, working on 43 projects during the week about segmentation, web and cloud technology integration, image-guided therapy, clinical applications, and education.


  • Slicer has been integrated with OHIF (DICOM web viewer) and Kheops (“dropbox” for medical images) - you can now browse DICOM web databases and launch Slicer on the selected data set directly from the browser (proof of concept is ready and we’ll improve further during the year)
  • More options for real-time connection to devices: AR/VR headsets running Unity, Arduino, near-infrared camera
  • Strong participation from Africa (Cabo Verde, Ghana, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal) with 12 attendees. They demonstrated world-class work in segmentation, anatomical atlas building, and application to medical training and patient education.

Detailed project reports are available on the Project week #33 webpage and feel free to ask any further information below in comments.

If you missed this project week then you can join the next one in June 22-26, 2020 at MIT in Boston, MA, USA.

Thanks to Juan Ruiz-Alzola and all the organizers for such a great event!