2018.09.13: Only nightly Slicer packages - do not expect extensions this morning

Dear Slicers,

Exceptionally, we need to use the Slicer build infrastructure for supporting an other project. (Usually, we rely on the spare cycle of the infrastructure to support other projects)

This means:

  • you should only expect the nightly Slicer packages for Linux, macOS and Windows
    • it is also normal if no test results are available on the dashboard, we disabled them on purpose
    • these packages are built against the latest VTK and most (if not all) of Volume Rendering issues are addressed
  • extensions will either be skipped or build later today

Thanks for your patience,

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Until the build infrastructure is restored, Slicer nightly version (with extensions) can be downloaded from here: https://download.slicer.org/?date=2018-09-10.

@jcfr Next time in similar situation it is better to disable Slicer package builds as well. For users, it is better if they download a version that is built from a few-day-old code than getting a version built from latest master but without extensions.


Sounds good and that makes sense.

In that specific case, the goal was still to have packages to test the volume rendering using the latest VTK …

I guess having a way to customize download.slicer.org and allow to “pin” the nightly version offered for download would address this.

It would be great to have pinning but just the ability to temporarily add an alternative download link with some explanation would be enough.

We should also rename “nightly” to “preview” on the download page as we planned before (since extensions for both stable and master versions are rebuilt nightly).


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temporarily add an alternative download link with some explanation would be enough.

Simple approach that would definitively work

The repository is here: https://github.com/mhalle/slicer4-download

@mhalle Moving forward, would it be possible to add @lassoan, @pieper and I (@jcfr) as collaborator ?

An other option would be transfer the project to https://github.com/Slicer or we could fork it into the Slicer organization (and rename it to download.slicer.org)